Douyou Aishouka Zenshu

Douyou Aishouka Zenshu
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Douyou Aishouka Zenshu

Doyou Aishouka Zenshu
By Saori Yuki and Sachiko Yasuda

5 CDs 99 songs (made in JAPAN)

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Doyou Aishouka Zenshu
By Saori Yuki and Sachiko Yasuda

Beloved, traditional, true Japanese songs…

Songs that you want to listen and sing…

Songs and melodies that you know by heart and cannot help humming just looking at its title and lyrics…

Songs that your heard long time ago…

Beautiful nostalgic songs…

Performed by World renowned singers Saori Yuki and Sachiko Yasuda. A collection of 5 CDs, total of 99 serene harmonious songs. Please enjoy their beautiful voice and timeless masterpieces.

“Furusato,” “Haru Yo Koi,” “Aka Tombo,” “Oshougatsu.” We collected a collection of beautiful, heart-felt songs that remind you of sceneries from your childhood and home. "Douyou Aishouka Zenshu," CD Box Set by Saori Yuki and Sachiko Yasuda.

The box set come with easy-to-read Japanese lyrics booklet.

Listen to Samples

Try our music sampler to hear song samples (MP3 file) from this collection. To hear a song sample, click on "Sample" on each tile from the song list below. (Please click the "back" button on your browser to return to this screen after listening to a sample. Do not close the window.)

Song List
Disk 1
1. Akai Kutsu---Sample
2. Aka Tombo---Sample
3. Anokoha Taare---Sample
4. Ano Machi Kono Machi---Sample
5. Amefuri---Sample
6. Amefuri Otsuki---Sample
7. Awate Tokoya---Sample
8. Usagi No Dance---Sample
9. Umi (Medley)---Sample
10. Ureshii Hinamatsuri---Sample
11. Oshougatsu---Sample
12. Oboro Tsukiyo---Sample
13. Kagome Kagome & etc.(Medley)---Sample
14. Katatsumuri & etc.(Medley)---Sample
15. Kamome No Suihei-San---Sample
16. Kawaii Sakanaya-San---Sample
17. Kisha---Sample
18. Kisha Poppo---Sample
19. Kingyo No Hirune---Sample
20. Kutsu Ga Naru---Sample

Disk 2
1. Koi Nobori---Sample
2. Kono Michi---Sample
3. Sakura---Sample
4. Sacchan---Sample
5. Sato No Aki---Sample
6. Shikararete---Sample
7. Juugoya Otsuki-San---Sample
8. Zui Zui Zukkoro Bashi & etc.(Medley)---Sample
9. Ski---Sample
10. Suna Yama---Sample
11. Soushunfu---Sample
12. Takibi---Sample
13. Tanabata Sama---Sample
14. Chiisai Aki Mitsuketa---Sample
15. Chin Chin Chidori---Sample
16. Tsuki No Sabaku---Sample
17. Dokokade Haruga & etc.(Medley)---Sample
18. Ningyou---Sample
19. Nenne No Osato---Sample
20. Hana Kage & etc. (Medley)---Sample

Disk 3
1. Hama Chidori---Sample
2. Haru No Oagawa ---Sample
3. Haru Yo Koi---Sample
4. Fuji San---Sample
5. Fuyu Geshiki---Sample
6. Furusato---Sample
7. Bun Bun Bun & etc.(Medley)---Sample
8. Hotaru---Sample
9. Bokujou No Asa---Sample
10. Machi Bouke---Sample
11. Mikan No Hana No Saku Oka---Sample
12. Midori No Soyokaze---Sample
13. Mura No Kajiya---Sample
14. Mura Matsuri---Sample
15. Mee Mee Koyagi---Sample
16. Yuuhi---Sample
17. Yuuyake Koyake---Sample
18. Yuki---Sample
19. Yurikago No Uta---Sample
20. Wareha Uminoko---Sample

Disk 4
1. Hana---Sample
2. Hatsukoi---Sample
3. Pechka---Sample
4. Yashi No Mi---Sample
5. Yoimachigusa---Sample
6. Natsu No Omoide---Sample
7. Hana No Machi---Sample
8. Tsuioku---Sample
9. Ryoshuu & etc.(Medley)---Sample
10. Lorelei---Sample
11. Nobara---Sample
12. Touge No Wagaya---Sample
13. Kokyou No Hitobito & etc. (Medley)---Sample
14. Niwa No Chigusa---Sample
15. Londonderry No Uta---Sample
16. Haru No Hi No Hana To Kagayaku---Sample
17. Brahms No Komoriuta---Sample
18. Mozart No Komoriuta---Sample
19. Takeda No Komoriuta---Sample
20. Türkischer Marsch---Sample

Disk 5
1. Aoi Sanmyaku---Sample
2. Ringo Oiwake ---Sample
3. Kimi No Naha---Sample
4. Ookina Furudokei---Sample
5. Miagete Goran Yoru No Hoshi Wo---Sample
6. Gakusei Jidai---Sample
7. Yokokobi Mo Kanashimi Mo Ikutoshitsuki---Sample
8. Sora Ni Hoshi Ga Aruyouni---Sample
9. Yogiri Yo Konya Mo Arigatou---Sample
10. Satoukibi Batake---Sample
11. Ano Subarashii Ai Wo Mou Ichido---Sample
12. Tsubasa Wo Kudasai---Sample
13. Nagori Yuki---Sample
14. Cosmos---Sample
15. Hana ~ Subete No Hito No Kokoro Ni Hana Wo~---Sample
16. Sanpo ~ Tonari No Totoro---Sample
17. Kawa No Nagare No Youni---Sample
18. Shounen Jidai---Sample
19. Soleado ~ Kodomo Tachi Ga Umareru Toki ~---Sample

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