Ou Gon Jyu Hair Tonic

Ou Gon Jyu Hair Tonic
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Ou Gon Jyu Hair Tonic

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OU GON JYU Hair Tonic

Your favorite hair tonic—Ou Gon Jyu—now comes in a new plastic bottle containing 25% more product!

Ou Gon Jyu has 10% more citrus extract than the original formula (Ou Kyu Den), which makes it more effective than before.

Customers love Ou Gon Jyu because will not make your hair sticky or oily, it’s made with natural ingredients and has a very light citrus scent. It’s an excellent way to improve the condition of your scalp and hair. Most users see hair loss stop or experience hair regrowth, although your results may vary.

Ou Gon Jyu sold more than 4 million bottles in Japan so far. It contains ginseng and Japanese greens which are excellent for the hair. The oranges used are carefully selected from contract farmers who make sure that there is no pesticide remaining after the oil is extracted.

Since Ou Gon Jyu now contains 40% citrus extract, it is even more effective.

The larger, 5-ounce bottle, containing 25% more Ou Gon Jyu costs $119.00 each, with no shipping charges. (plus tax in California.)

Please try the new, improved Ou Gon Jyu today!.

made in JAPAN

Your results may vary. Stop using if skin irritation occurs and consult a dermatologist if necessary.

This product is not approved by the FDA.

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