"Raku" Therapeutic Sandals - Navy Blue Basic Style

"Raku" Therapeutic Sandals - Navy Blue Basic Style
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"Raku" Therapeutic Sandals - Navy Blue Basic Style
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RAKU Exercise Sandal

Poorly fitting or confining shoes push the toes into unnatural positions often causing foot deformities and health problems including sore knees, back pain, and bad posture. People wearing badly fitting shoes do not stand or walk correctly, resulting in a loss of toe muscle strength.

Raku sandals were developed in Japan and are similar to the sandals worn by master samurai warriors. Their lowered toe platform makes toes grip and exercise with every step. Wearing Raku sandals daily increases use of the toe muscles and can improve many physical problems.

More than 60,000 pairs of Raku sandals have been sold in Japan.

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